Who Are You?

“Identity is not static, always in the making and never made.”

~Michael Wood

Who are you? Can you really put such a thing into words? You are more than what any words could describe, more than what any strokes on a canvas could illustrate. Your identity is carefully sculpted by the people you meet and the things that you do, the things that happen to you and the memories you make.

Society demands that we create an identity that can be comfortably fixed into a box: a nerd, a jock, a businessman, etc. We feel uncomfortable in our own skin if we don’t wear our easily recognizable mask. Identity is not inherent by any means. We tweak and refine it every day with every experience and every interaction we have. You are the one who decides who you are, not society, and not anyone else.

Goal: Be who you are do not allow anyone else to affect the confidence you have in your individuality, your identity.




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