Break the Routine

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

~Eleanor Roosevelt

Our journeys are not mapped out for us; we do not have a GPS to tell us our destination or purpose in life. Instead, we must wake up each morning with the realization that today is another adventure. Everything we go through makes us stronger and helps us grow. Everything we do makes us feel alive and reminds us that we can overcome whatever we put our minds to. We follow routines every day. Sometimes it is because we have responsibilities and other times it is because that is what becomes comfortable.

We talk to the same people because it reduces the anxiety and awkwardness of having to talk to new people. We don’t smile at the person walking towards us because what if they don’t smile back, or worse, if they do? Our comfort zones exist outside of the vibrant lives we secretly wish to live. A break in your routine might just be the very thing you need.

Goal: Recognize that routines make life organized, but boring. Break the routine today and do something that scares you. Strike up a conversation with someone new, read a book outside of what you ordinarily read, make something new with someone you love. Confront your fears.


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