Happy International Women’s Day!

n. the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities

A lot of people tend to resist the word “feminist”. They don’t like to say “I am a feminist”. Nowadays, it seems like a bad thing, like something too intense or angry. That’s because they don’t understand the true definition. A feminist is not someone who hates men or views women as above men. They do not advocate for a matriarchy. A feminist wants equal rights. Equal opportunities. Equal status. Equality.

Women are more than objects of society, and they should not have to fight to be recognized as such. We are all survivors of the game of life and we are all human beings.

Like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day does not celebrate a lifetime’s worth of love for our parents, one day of recognition does not suffice to show women appreciation. International Women’s will not encompass the celebration of every woman who has done amazing things for this world, or every woman who deserves to be recognized. Instead, celebrate women not just today, but everyday.

Sending love and respect to all the fierce ladies out there. Stay brave and stay happy!

Goal: Send some appreciation to all the amazing, strong, courage, and fearless women in your life.


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