I’m No City Girl


Yesterday I traveled with some friends into the city. Let me just tell you something: I’m no city girl. I was technically born there, sure, but by no means do I have enough street smarts to get through public transportation without having intense anxiety about it. I was raised in the suburbs where it was safe and I could walk on whatever side of the street (including the middle) and not worry about actually getting run over. At heart, I think I will always be someone who enjoys the suburbs: quiet and friendly. Everyone knows everyone and it’s not weird to walk with someone and get to know them in the middle of their stroll. Even the stars shine brighter in the suburbs than in the city (although that simply has to do with the way our environment works); nonetheless, I’ve always loved the idea of living in the city.

We romanticize what it might be to be a “city girl” or a “city boy”, but the reality is that city life is so distant. While everything is crowded, and close together, everyone exists separate from everyone else. Everyone’s world is within a couple inches of themselves and there is very little attention paid to the person sitting next to you. One side of your body is glued against the stranger on the T and the other to the empty seat, a reminder that you’ve come alone.

But I think perhaps it is something that you have to get used to. City life is busy and every moment of every day has a purpose. People who are eager for what life has to offer are the ones who belong in the city. Life there offers autonomy and glorifies the idea of putting yourself first, something we don’t do enough. So maybe being a city girl, or boy, is something we should strive to reach in some regards. Of coursing pausing to admire the beauty of the world is a necessity we all need to take, but having the steadfast determination to get what you want out of life is something I think we truly need to do more.

Goal: Get as much as you can from life; put yourself first and be productive, whatever that means for you today.


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