Family Shapes the Individual

My family is very different. As I have mentioned before, my parents left their families –my relatives– in India when they moved to the U.S. to start a new family. While I still speak to a couple of my cousins and aunts and occasionally speak to my grandparents, majority of my extended family are mere strangers to me. It’s certainly unfortunate and I miss them deeply, but by no means do I lack the support and love of a family.

Here in the U.S., my parents were able to form a rich community of families who did the exact same thing that they did. In turn, I have aunts and uncles who have their families in India and cousins/brothers and sisters who experience very much of the same life that I do. It’s a unique community of strength and of friendship. It’s a family built on shared experience and compassion, one which I come to value more with each passing day. The importance of family becomes lost on all of us, especially as we start to graduate from under their nose and start to gain more privileges of our own independence and adulthood. Sometimes we think that this means we need them less, but what we forget is that the path to our bright future was paved by our families, for it is the family that shapes the individual.

I am constantly learning something new about my family. Recently, I found out that in a family group chat of all the parents, they always text each other good morning greetings. It is incredible to me that they do this everyday, because it is such a small, seemingly insignificant detail that, in reality, solidifies relationships. Family and friendship is the first they think of –and are reminded of– when they wake up in the morning. It’s a truly good morning, and saying it goes a long way. It’s a clear indication of the bond that is shared between everyone. Every link is strengthened by the smallest of ways: a hug, a compliment, a good morning text. It all has the same function, and that is to show support, to show kindness. Without the display of that, a relationship becomes fragile and uncertain. How can one know when a friend will be there for you if they do not prove it? We would all rather the friend that is always there for us than the friend who is only there for us when we need it.

Goal: Make it a habit to prioritize your loved ones and always work to build your relationships with them. [After all, where would we be without our families?]

♥ the beautiful fam ♥


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