Lost in Translation

According to the Linguistic Society of America, there are roughly 6,900 distinct living languages in the world today. Though approximately 2,000 of those languages have fewer than 1,000 speakers, the fact remains that there are vastly diverse groups of people who populate this earth. In today’s world filled with the latest technology, resources for anything and everything are quite literally at our fingertips. The speed and frequency through which we can communicate with one another is truly baffling, and yet it leaves a lot of room for miscommunication – and that’s all just in the same language.

Our ability to use language is actually crazy, if you think about it. Language allows us to express our emotions and intentions. We can voice our opinion and declare our love and whisper our sorrows. Words and language gives us the tools to hold onto an absurdly beautiful amount. We can reach out and touch the lives of others just by stringing together some symbols that our ancestors created. We can bring people together and tear people apart with the same 26 letters, and that is just English.

Still, there remain another (approximately) 6,899 languages that exist in which there are words for things we could never even imagine. In this series of posts, I hope you discover some words that perfectly express moments you could never fully describe. So come, let’s get lost in translation.



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