Lost in Translation: vacilando

vacilando v. // spanish

traveling when the experience itself is more important than the destination

For me, this is often the case when I am traveling.


Now, of course, when I go to a new place, the exploration and the discovery, and the sightseeing and inevitable forced photoshoots by my mother are incredibly exciting. However, the bonding tends to happen in the traveling itself. I remember when I went to Italy for an exchange program, my classmates and I became closest during the butt-flattening hours on the plane picking movies to watch together and the mixed relief and anxiety of walking around the airport during layovers. When my family and I travel up to Maine for our annual camping trip, it is of course exciting to compete in family games and eat a ton of food, but driving up together, cars one behind the other on an otherwise abandoned road is something I find far more the memorable experience.


What’s your favorite travel memory when the traveling part was more important than the destination? Tell me in the comments below!


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