Sit Back and Relax

“Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So relax.”

–Bryant McGill

My mother once pointed out that when I sit in the car, I sit on the edge of the seat. Whether I am driving or a passenger, this is true. When I sit at my desk in class, I sit on the edge. In fact, the truth is, I –and a lot of others- live on the edge of our seats. We sit in anticipation for what is coming, ready to dash off to the next destination.

But, you see, in doing this, we live in a constant place of apprehension. Instead of being present, we are expectant of the future. We are nowhere near the moment. American society in particular operates under the idea that time spent doing nothing is time wasted. We are constantly busy, be it with work, studies, social activities, or anything other than relaxation. Several studies have shown that it is this exact behavior that leaves Americans sleep-deprived and inefficient at work. More importantly, busyness is one of the biggest obstacles against happiness.

So then, the solution? Sit back. Do not sit on the edge. Sit back, and relax. Be in the moment. Taste your food. Listen to those around you. See the smiles. Hear the laughter. Live your life. The world will still be there, running at full speed when you get back.

Goal: This week, be conscious of your posture. Lean back, and lean in to the moment.


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