Lost in Translation: aay’han

aay’han n. // mandalorian

a bittersweet moment of mourning and joy

This is a word that is very relevant to me, especially today. Today is my official move-in day of college and my official move-out day from home. It’s a strange feeling. In the car ride alone I’ve experienced everything from fear to excitement to tummy-turning anxiety to nausea to frustration. Finding today’s word was fitting and my escape of the day as we made the two-hour drive to my campus, because I think at the end of it all, I will have successfully landed on aay’han. As I prepare myself to handle it as calmly as possible, I know that it will emotional all day. I won’t be alone in it, I know. My fellow classmates will surely feel the same. I am already expecting to hear lots of yelling as everybody tries to make it that much easier to part ways, and still once all the boxes have been lugged over and everything has found its new place, there will be tears and hugs of aay’han as families mourn a temporary yet long separation and find joy and pride in how far we as children have come.

I remember my last drive to my campus, sitting just as nervously in my seat in the car then as I do now, listening to my father ramble off cliché advice (seriously, he sounded like Polonius). I pray that I can get through this bittersweet day without too much mourning. My heart breaks a little to be away from my family, but I am thrilled to see what challenges college brings me, and I can’t wait to conquer those challenges all on my own.


When was the last time you felt aay’haan? Tell me in the comments below! (P.S. – Any and all college/move-in tips will be welcomed with open arms!)



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