Mood Music

Music has a profound effect on us. Often, a person’s favorite song(s) will tell you more about them than they could ever tell you themselves. We all thrive by connection, and those connections are created through the stories we tell. It’s exactly why we as a society value our music so much. We have so many music award shows, and our Top 40 songs are quite telling of the way we live. When songs are outrageously controversial (and yes, unfortunately, they do have to be outrageously so for us to pay attention) the media makes sure to point it out. Singers and songwriters are some of the biggest celebrities and have a huge impact on the discussions we have (or the Twitter wars that go down #RIPTaylorSwift 🐍).

This series will be all about songs and lyrics that make us feel all the feels, that provoke our favorite memories, and make us turn back into our younger selves when we dreamt of being pop stars (@me when I wanted to be Hannah Montana). So whether you are working hard, sitting in a coffee shop, cleaning your house, going for a jog, or doing anything really, plug in your playlist and dance like nobody is watching. Sing at the top of your lungs! Today, pick three songs to completely let loose to and let me know what they are in the comments!

Here are my dance jams of the day:

  1. Too Good – Drake ft. Rihanna // something about their voices just sound too good together 😍
  2. Sax – Fleur East // I play this song almost every time I get dressed for the day; such a mood booster
  3. Teacher – Nick Jonas // he is one of my favorite artists and this song is such a groove 😀



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