Reasons to Smile: Concerts

Live concerts are a beautiful thing, and I’ll tell you why. I know normally people think of concerts as places where you just go and enjoy music. You like the sound, you like the artist, you’re in it for a good time. That’s all true, but there’s usually more to the story.

IMG_6702Back in July, I went to the Future Now concert with my best friend. If you did not already know, Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas are two of my favorite artists ever, so going to this concert was unforgettable for me.

For these artists, they are simply playing another show amidst a plethora of shows already played, singing their songs over and over. For the audience, however, it’s a completely different experience. Everybody is piling in to this one stadium or arena to listen to the same songs by the same people, but everybody’s story there is different. The artist sings for thousands of people and hears it sung back for a thousand different reasons. For me, listening to Nick perform was fun and upbeat. It was a jam from start to finish. His music makes me happy, and he as an artist serves as a memory of my childhood when I was oh so in love with the Jonas Brothers on Disney Channel.


Demi Lovato

On the other hand, I connect with Demi and her story and her music far deeper. While she too reminds me of my childhood, I feel as though I grew up right there with her. When she slowed it down with “Skyscraper” I was crying as I sang along remembering all the times when I was younger and felt ashamed of who I was or where I came from. Her story and her music helped me through many points in my life. I was singing to relive and heal those moments, and what was beautiful was that there were people around me holding each other or waving their flashlights and suddenly the entirety of the TD Garden was lit up with people who felt the same in one way or another: connected.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Nick Jonas

Concerts give you a rush, a high, almost. Not the kind that makes you come crashing down right afterwards, but the kind that stays with you forever. It leaves you inspired and full of memories. When you think of the best concert you’ve been to, you see the magic in front of your eyes again. You feel the adrenaline pump through for just a flash. That wave of happiness washes over you and you’re exhilarated all over again.

Even now, when I think of this concert I get shivers of joy all over. I remember taking the Green line the wrong way when trying to get home. I remember not having enough money to get water after all that screaming because I could not control myself at the merchandise table. I remember staying up with my best friend until 3am gushing about the whole thing.

By now, I hope you realize that a concert is not just a concert. I hope you find that there’s beauty in the connections, in the memories. And next time you reluctantly hover your mouse over the link to buy tickets to a concert, click it! Whether it’s classical music, or pop music, or even country music: go to one concert, go to a million. It’s food for the soul, I tell you.



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