Lost in Translation: pochemuchka

questionspochemuchka n. // russian

a person who asks a lot of questions

Often kids will have a phase in which they ask “Why?” to literally everything you tell them. “Don’t walk in the middle of the road!”, “Why?”, “Because it’s dangerous.”, “Why?”, “Because cars are coming right towards you!”, “Why?”, “That’s just the side that they are coming from.”, “Why?”, and on and on it goes. Apparently, I was one of those children. From having many younger cousins, I know how irritating and yet almost refreshing this can be (though in the moment, it is almost always the former). They are young detectives, exploring the world around them, attempting to fix the puzzle of seemingly obscure rules without any evidence or experience to tell them for sure.

Though we tend to lose the relentless questioning of “Why?” from when were younger, it is foolish to think that the Curious George died within us. Some of society’s biggest questions and discussions are centered around the very fact that we question and challenge what we know. We long to know more. Our biggest scientific and technological discoveries were born of the pochemuchkas of our world. So what questions are you asking?


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