P.S. I Love Me: Day 1

1. A photo of you and why you’re doing P.S. I Love Me.

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Getting through middle school and high school was tough for me. Academically, I was capable of handling everything that came my way, but on a personal level, I struggled with a lot of different issues. Now, I won’t say these issues were unique in any way; they weren’t. I was insecure with who I was and how I looked: the typical, really. If you can get any adolescent to tell you the truth on the matter, you’ll hear the same. Perhaps it was the media or my relatives or the society that shaped me, but at the end of it all, I was not strong enough to challenge those that made me feel inferior in any way. When it came down to it, I simply did not love myself enough. But things changed, and they did get better.

The person I was when I walked through the halls as a freshman in high school was not the same person that walked across the stage with a diploma in hand. I evolved in ways I had never expected to, and by extension, I learned to love myself a little more. I learned that it is okay to be selfish, it is okay to relax, it is okay to be proud, it is okay to feel and be vulnerable and come undone– all these things are okay.

The thing is, I didn’t get to that place without self-reflecting a bit. As a writer, especially one who started out simply journaling, self-reflection has become an integral part of my life, and I find that it helps in ways you never even know it will. I’m doing the P.S. I Love Me Challenge to grow more and to learn to love myself as much as I love others.

So now it’s your turn: Why are you doing the P.S. I Love Me Challenge?


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