P.S. I Love Me: Day 2

2. Write what you like about yourself.

Ah! We’re starting with the good stuff right away, it seems. I find that for many people –and certainly including myself– it is difficult to talk about yourself. We refuse to be associated with the implicit vanity that accompanies it. But, perhaps it is not all that bad a skill to have. Employers will always ask you to pitch yourself: What are your strengths? What can you do well? Why should I choose you? In the end, we must be able to reflect on the things we have accomplished and be proud of our skills, of ourselves.

I have personally always been proud of my ability to communicate. Throughout the inevitable dramas of middle school and high school, I have been able to express my feelings well to others without being ashamed or afraid. As I have talked about before, it is never a bad thing to let yourself be vulnerable– we are human after all. I think that mindset has always been with me and as I started to get interested in writing. I’d log my days in a journal, accompanied with roller coasters of feelings, and soon it became easy for me to pinpoint my own emotions and why I was feeling them, as well as communicating those things to others. The skill is certainly one that is important to have, so I am glad that I was able to develop it so naturally throughout my life.


Be it physical or otherwise, what do you like about yourself?



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