P.S. I Love Me: Day 5

5. Share a happy memory.

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 11.52.15 PM.pngI like to have a plan. I’ve always believed that no matter what you do, you should have a plan. However, if you’ve truly lived a day in your life, you know that life does not go according to plan. Bad things happen. Miracles happen. Everything in between happens. So although I’ve long since accepted this fact, I still plan, because it makes me feel secure.

Still, one of my happiest memories –if not, my happiest– was a moment of pure spontaneity. Perhaps it was the fact that I was urged not to do it by my mother, or maybe it was that I was with some of my favorite people in the world. Nonetheless, that day, spontaneity took on a new meaning for me.

It was some summer day and my family along with my cousins decided it would be lovely to go to the beach. It was a one hour drive and the sun beat down on us through the window. Given our luck, it was only natural that storm clouds crept into the sky as soon as we parked in the lot. Still, clear skies didn’t seem so far away as we hesitantly stepped stepped into the sand where the ocean met its shore.

We took our pictures and attempted our panoramas, but the best part came when the cold, pouring rain emptied right over us without warning. From one minute to the next the skies turned dark and the only light came from the lightning that struck out in the ocean in the distance. Other beach straddlers hurried to their cars with hands over their heads as if it would suffice, but not us. Ignoring all signs of potential danger, we ran around in circles with now drenched towels and sang and danced. It was simple, but it was nice. My mom and my aunt rushed into the car and I’ll always remember my mom grabbing me by the arm and telling me I’d get a cold. Of course, she wasn’t wrong, but I wanted to enjoy the moment. For once, I let go of our plan and I just ran around in the rain.

Sometimes, I feel like it’s a cliche moment, but all the same, this is one memory that I shall never forget for the rest of my days. You say happy memory and this is the story I will retell time and time again. It’s always a gentle reminder that happiness comes when you let go for a little bit.


What’s your happy memory?


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