P.S. I Love Me: Day 8

8. Share something you overcame.

Everyone goes through bouts of insecurity. Seriously, everyone. As I mentioned in my announcement post for this challenge, we criticize ourselves far too much. We compare and pick at the things we do not like about ourselves. Naturally, I think all people go through a really rough period of “coming to terms” with it, if you will. For me, that happened during the summer transitioning into high school. I went through a lot of body image issues that manifested in several ways. Often, it was something I felt I could not confide in anyone else for. What would they say? They would simply tell me the things I wanted to hear, and that wasn’t what I needed.

Overcoming the rock bottom of my spell of insecurity –alone, at that (or so I felt)– was something that was incredibly hard, but as with most things, writing helped me through it. I journaled a lot that year and the scars (in the form of filled pages) of going through that will always be a reminder for me that I can overcome any challenge, be it about how I see myself or something more practical and tangible.


What have you overcome? 


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