P.S. I Love Me: Day 12

12. What did you learn from the P.S. I Love Me Challenge?

Finally, we’ve reached the end of the  P.S. I Love Me Challenge! One of my biggest difficulties with this (aside from actually posting on time) was really sinking into the self-love that was required of the prompts. A lot of them were relatively easy on the surface, and it wouldn’t be hard to brush over them and simply complete the prompt. For instance, with Day 10, the favorite songs playlist, I could have just listed some of my favorite songs, and you would not have known otherwise. However, to sit there and really think about how those songs made me feel was a little bit different, and I think those little tweaks in the prompts were important, but hard.

All in all, this challenge was not only a lot of fun, but also helpful in starting to think more about self-love! I think things have to get more personal and intense to truly get deeper into the self-love, but I hope you learned a lot about yourselves this month!



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