Welcome to the window into my chaotic mind in its cuddled up place over in this corner of the interwebs. I wanted to create a space where I could connect with family, friends, and strangers alike as I ramble about the wonderful twists and turns of this roller coaster we call life.

senyah 2See, our world is full of enchanting treasures: rainbows stretch out in the skies, the sun sets fire to the horizon before the stars wink their light our way, babies laugh, and the wind caresses our face. It’s these small things in life that matter the most. It’s one of the most overused quotes of all time. We hear the words, but do we ever listen to them? Do we ever stop to really process those small things? Those moments that make you smile or want to hug the closest person to you, or make you put your phone down –gasp!– even for just a second.

It is my greatest passion to spread love and joy and appreciation, and so I want you –in fact, I challenge you– to join me on a journey of appreciation for the world we breathe around us and a love for those with whom we share it.


xx Kavya


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